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You should also send the label or copy of the form to the pharmacist or pharmacist's office for signing. You should also provide the name and address of the place of pharmacy where you bought this drug. Do to your own risk, as it may be necessary to send the label or copy to your doctor for signing. To give the prescription to a pharmacistpharmacist, use the drug form. Please consult your GP's office to determine if a prescription needs to be obtained from a hospital. Your GP may also advise your insurance company or the health insurance company before you buy a prescription. The doctor does not have a copy of the form. The pharmacistpharmacist will review it very carefully to make sure that the medicine is genuine and the drug is legal. If your doctor recommends that your drug be given to you in your home for your own personal use, heshe can make a prescription for the drug if you would like it. In some circumstances it may not be legal for a doctor to prescribe a medical product in Australia. However, as soon as the pharmaceutical medicine is given to you by a doctor your drug prescription must be reviewed after a doctor prescribes it. Order 4-mmc

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