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The effects of stimulants on the brain and behaviour can be extreme, causing a person's mood and behaviour to get worse. An overdose can have serious consequences and can require a prescription to take. The effects of depressants and other stimulants will also vary over time. Therefore there are different types of drugs that can affect one's mind. If your brain is impaired and mood or behaviour are not so bad then you will need to seek help first. What are the medicines and the effects of different medicines and all the substances they are able to interact with. If you are taking a combination of stimulants which produce some or all of the psychoactive substances listed here, please check with your doctor or pharmacist before taking them. If you are using stimulant medicines as listed here, it is strongly advised to take them twice a day for at least 3 months. Also check in with the Poison Control Center and the University at Albany and report any unexplained symptoms. Can you sniff 4-mmc?

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